You can install it just as you would a regular marble tile. Ask your tile master for advice.

When installing, a non-abrasive, sand less grout should be used. Tiles should be cleaned with a gentle, non-abrasive, bleach-free cleaner — a soft cloth and soapy water are fine. Tiles may scratch if sharp objects are applied to them.

Our tiles do not need to be sealed and are already water resistant, but you could seal the tiles prior to grouting with water-based or silicone-impregnated sealant, TileLab Surface sealant available in Home Depot. Also you could seal the tiles with Water-Based Polycrylic Protective Finish from Lowe’s store to prevent scratches if you are expecting heavy use.

Please send us pictures of your instillation, and we will give you or a friend 5% of your next mural purchase.