Let’s get started, choose the image file you would like to have made into a custom mural on any one of our many tiles. Remember that a higher quality file allows for higher resolution and maximum tile mural size .

Below are some tips on how to achieve the best quality scan for the best quality custom mural possible.

Every image file has properties such as dimensions, pixel width and height, and something called horizontal and vertical resolution– known as the dpi (dots per inch). To see the property of your images for PC, right click and hit “properties”; for Mac, right click and hit “get info.”

To get the best results you want an image with at least 300dpi. At 300dpi, we could make the mural 3-4 times larger than the original image without compromising it.

So when scanning your image, set the dpi for 300. This is standard for most scanners. The pixels determine the quality of the image.

Every 1000 pixels can make 10 inches, sometimes up to 13 inches, of what we consider good quality. If you have any questions please contact us and we will do everything we can to help.